‘Today’ Outdone By ‘GMA’s Tender Farewell To Ann Curry? — VIDEO

NBC is already looking like the bad guy in the Anne Curry Today Removal situation. Though there’s no explicit mention of why Curry is being repurposed into a new role at NBC News after 14 years on Today, her fate is being compared to former The Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien’s rude removal from the late night lineup. That’s why this sugary sweet reaction from Today competitor Good Morning America has to sting just a little. 

Hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos opened the conversation about Curry, offering her well wishes as she transitions from the show she so tearfully left early today. And while Curry’s co-anchors Al Roker and Matt Lauer palled around with her, remembering the good ol’ days as she said her final words, there was a palpable sense of awkwardness. Gone is that sense in GMA‘s short message and instead, we find Roberts’ sincere commendation of her fellow journalist and anchor as well as GMA personality Amy Robach who called Curry “the heart and soul of [NBC].” 
So now we open it up to you. Did Today’s fierce competitor say a heartier farewell to the now former anchor of Today? Or did they simply do the nice thing by singing Curry’s praises?

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