Tom Hanks Ruined Conan’s Life: Late Last Night

Conan O’Brien plus Tom Hanks means one thing: great television. Conan got back to his old self last night in an interview with Hanks, when Conan blamed him for ruining his life. Also, I would really like Tom Hanks to be my uncle or something.

Denzel Washington talked with David Letterman on the Late Show about his son’s football career and showed footage of one of his games. What a proud father, right? Well, turns out he showed it because his wife accidentally got clobbered on the sideline.

Jay Leno had animal trainer Dave Salmoni on the Tonight Show, and he brought a friend: a jaguar cub. Yeah, this animal will one day weight 200 pounds and feast on red-blooded flesh, but look at him now — he’s just so gosh darn cute!

Rosario Dawson chatted with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about her upcoming film Unstoppable, and Jimmy thinks it’s going to be awesome. Uh, okay, whatever Fallon. Just stick to your snickering.

Jon Stewart and Harrison Ford talked all about McDonalds and how the Happy Meal toys suck.

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Cee Lo Green stopped to chat with Stephen Colbert about his new album Ladykiller, which features the song “F*ck You” — and Stephen just doesn’t know “how the f*ck he’s going to interview him.”

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