Top 10 TV Moments Of 2010

If I do say so myself, 2010 was a much better year for TV than it was for movies. But that’s just me saying so myself. However, it’s true and I can prove it. Here are the best TV moments from this year that are better than most movies we were bullied into seeing in 2010.

Betty White Hosts SNL

I don’t know about you, but the second 2011 starts, I’m going to start referring to 2010 as “Betty White!” As in, “Hey, you know way back in Betty White, I started backing up my hard drive!” and “Oh, I only went to Paris for the first time in Betty White.” See how much easier that is? Betty White dominated 2010, so there’s really no point in calling it what it isn’t (which is just another year) instead of what it really was, which was the year of Betty White! See my reasoning? So obviously, one of the best moments in TV was when Betty White hosted SNL. The entire show was great, but since I’ve only got 10 slots to work with and I can’t provide every single sketch for you, here’s her monologue for extraordinaires.

Jon Stewart Tells Fox News, “Go Fuck Yourselves”

After Bernard Goodman went on Fox and said how upset he was that the left was wrong about something that I don’t care about because this was from months ago, Stewart told him he was full of shit and hired a choir to help him tell Goodman to get the fuck out with his “satire requirements.”

“Sergio” SNL Digital Short

This was from the January 30th episode of SNL, which was hosted by Jon Hamm. Andy Samberg played a business man who stepped on Fred Armisen’s dreamcatcher and because Samberg didn’t pay for the damages, Armisen cursed him with a shirtless Jon Hamm in suspenders. And he did the most despicable thing ever, which was act like it was annoying.

Kate Gosselin Performs ‘Paparazzi’ On DWTS

I know you were waiting for this one. Relax now.

Jake and Vienna Interview

You cannot find love on a reality show. You have a better chance at successfully walking out of a museum with one of the stuffed gorillas from the African mammals hall than you do at marrying the pilot whose features you were asked to articulately evaluate in a conference room with ABC producers. That being said, here is the break up interview that took place between The Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna, the girl he proposed to the end of the season. This is like watching a slug suffer and turn itself inside out after you’ve put salt on it.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club

We tend to forget about Jimmy Kimmel when we do our late night TV features, but we shouldn’t because occasionally, things like this come out of him and it’s pretty spectacular. Can you imagine how many set producers lost their minds when they heard that this was going to happen?