Here Are The 5 Worst Characters On ‘Shameless’

While most characters on Showtime‘s Shameless have a reputation for being rough-around-the-edges, many of them are still extremely lovable. However, that is not always the case.  As we await the show’s seventh season, here are five characters we had a little trouble rooting for along the way.

1. Sammi Slott-Gallagher


Frank’s eldest daughter hasn’t gotten off easy in the Shameless community. Fans of the show have scrutinized her endlessly for her annoying personality, her weird relationship with Frank and her overall bizarre life choices. She may not be the worst of the bunch, but she certainly isn’t many viewers’ favorite.

2. Debbie Gallagher 


While every Gallagher has their own set of issues (don’t we all!), Debbie’s recent plot lines have ranked her high on the scale of “unlikable”. We’re bummed that the sweet, sensitive girl from the early seasons has become one of our least favorite in the Shameless clan. Here’s to hoping season seven brings better things for the youngest Gallagher lady.

3. Karen Jackson 


Okay, we know that things weren’t exactly peachy keen at the Jackson household. Between her mother’s crippling agoraphobic and her father being absolutely wretched, things couldn’t have been easy on a girl trying to navigate boys and high school. However, we can’t help but find Karen’s incessant rudeness towards Jody, Hymie, Lip and pretty much everyone else kind of irritating.

4. Terry Milkovich


You can’t get more ruthless than Terry Milkovich. Though a mere sub-character, we meet Mickey and Mandy’s dad early on in the series. He’s prejudice, he’s got some serious anger problems, and he’s an abusive father. Basically, he’s trash. 

5. Frank Gallagher


William H. Macy‘s portrayal of alcoholic and absentee father, Frank, is undoubtedly one of TV’s best. His sarcasm and tendency to be, well, completely shameless makes him a character that’s integral to this show. However, he’s the root of 90% of problems in the Gallagher clan and, even during his rare sweet moments, routinely disappoints his children.