TV’s Top Dogs — A Show’s Best Friend

TV’s Top Dogs — A Show’s Best Friend



Besides cute kids, another thing that can make a show great is a dog. They jump around, they frolic. They cover their faces with their paws when somone on the show does something dumb. Here’s five TV dogs that don’t belong in the doghouse.

1. Eddie (Frasier)

Frasier Crane’s dad’s dog probably was a boon to Jack Russell Terrier breeders. He was the perfect foil for the three Crane men: Frasier’s pompousness, Niles’ prissiness and Martin’s crankiness. He could be cheeky, but also sweet.

2. Buck (Married With Children)

Even the DOG gave Al Bundy crap. Well, who wouldn’t, having an owner who was a shoe salesman that was married to an obnoxious redhead and had two of the most conniving, but ultimately stupid, teenagers on the planet. Buck’s voiceovers were always awesome.

3. Lassie (Lassie)

Lassie was ultimately about the bond between a boy and his dog. Poor Lassie was always rescuing Timmy from all kinds of trouble, like him falling down a well or something equally dangerous. It was set in a simpler time though. In a modern show, they’d be saying, “What’s that, Lassie? Timmy fell for another Nigerian scam e-mail and is in danger of being kidnapped?”

4. Rin Tin Tin (The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin)

Representing really old school here: this show aired in the fifties, when there were like only three channels and even satellites were a novelty. This dog gave German Shepherds their good name. Of course, this being set in the time that it was, it was almost unbearably squeaky clean and wholesome. If filmed today, he’d be getting in trouble when off-duty, getting in fights, just being generally gritty.

5. Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

This dog isn’t included just because he shares the same last name as the author. He really makes a good foil for Stewie Griffin. The fact that no one on the show is even fazed by a walking, talking dog just heightens the absurdity. I hope they never do something dumb and make a live-action Family Guy movie and try to use a real dog for Brian.

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