The Top 10 TV Moms We Wish Were Ours

Best TV Moms

Happy Mothers Day! Today is a perfect day for love, for brunch, and for you to shower your mother with affection and gifts — even though she claimed, “Ohh, you don’t have to get me anything! All I want is to spend time with my kids!” Yeah right, mom. We all know that if we show up without that Brighton watch you’ve been dropping hints about then we’ll forever be stuck in passive aggressive purgatory.

Of course we all love our mothers, but sometimes we find ourselves staring wistfully into the magic little box in our living room and daydreaming about a lady who could bake the world’s best cookies and solve our problems in 30 minutes or less. From Carol Brady, to Marge Simpson, and of course Lorelai Gilmore, has compiled a list of the top ten moms in the history of TV. We still love you, mom, but these ladies are just so wonderful that we had to honor them too.

Take a Look at The 10 TV Moms We Wish Were Ours

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