Topher Grace Gets Embarrassed: Late Last Night

Topher Grace stopped by Jimmy Fallon to regale him with two tales about how he made an ass of himself. Let us take a moment to enjoy this moment and laugh at poor, poor Topher Grace.

David Letterman had the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, on his show. They gabbed about their Oscar dresses they wore nearly a decade ago and holy shit can you believe that was a DECADE ago? Never mind that, we should all go see their new Broadway play. Free plug!

Christina Applegate was on Leno and I swear all I can hear is “Babybabybabybabybaby,” it’s like a fucking Justin Bieber song.

Conan had Marisa Tomei and once again I couldn’t hear because my jaw hit the floor. Marisa Tomei you’re so adorable.

And finally Howard Stern was on The Daily Show and hinted that Charlie Sheen might call his show tomorrow. Epic? No, this is WINNING.