Tori Spelling Snubbed from Emmy Ceremony

Tori Spelling is furious with her mother Candy for not inviting her to this Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony where the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will pay tribute to her late father.

Aaron Spelling died in June and Tori has reportedly been banned from participating in the tribute at her mother’s insistence.

A source tells Us Weekly magazine, “They shut Tori out.”

Tori herself tells the magazine, “I wasn’t invited.”

A representative for Candy has hit back insisting, “Candy had nothing to do with who was invited.”

Sources say the tribute will include clips of Aaron‘s shows such as Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty and will feature “some of the biggest stars Aaron had ever worked with.”

A friend of Tori’s adds, “Tori would love to pay tribute to her dad, but she’s appalled she didn’t get invited.”

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