Tracy Morgan Gave Eddie Murphy The Icon Award And It Was Dope: Late Last Night

Tracy Morgan chatted on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about a little bit of everything: 30 Rock’s 100th episode, being jealous of Alec Baldwin, and of course, running from the cops. Also, he probably got some stuff pregnant.

James Franco stopped by Late Night and got nerdy with Jimmy Fallon. The two chatted about Franco’s upcoming SNL documentary that will be released in June and got “pretty serious about comedy.” Also, Franco gave Jimmy all the affirmation he’ll ever need; he called him “cool.”

Billy Crystal talked with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show about the pressure of the first tweet and the ridiculousness of social media. And, hey, two people joking about Twitter again because, well, that’s timely, right? They’d better look out or Kanye West is going to interrupt them on stage.

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Billy Crystal
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