Tracy Morgan Has Super Sperm: Late Last Night

Tracy Morgan stopped by The Daily Show and explained to Jon Stewart that his sperm is “super.” And yes, “super” as in “jumping into a phone booth and whipping off your glasses,” because in Tracy Morgan’s world, every superhero has glasses.

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Tracy Morgan
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Aziz Ansari talked on The Late Show with David Letterman about what it’s like to see 50 Cent in a restaurant. Apparently, he learned that the dude thinks that anything with the word “grape” in it is supposed to be purple — even grapefruits.

Morgan Spurlock chatted with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report about product placement in movies and television, arguing that it’s not necessarily a problem unless it affects the filmmaking process, which it sometimes does. Oh, and by the way, click on the ads on the top of the page, please.

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Morgan Spurlock
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Diane Lane shared with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show what it’s like to “go up” on stage, or in other words, forget your lines. She also talked about some other stuff but, erm — not to be harsh — she’s just not the most exciting person in the world.