Tracy Morgan Is Searching for Bigfoot in Brooklyn: Late Last Night

Last night, the miracle of human psychology that is Tracy Morgan appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about buying a fire escape from a drug addict, fixing the Iowa caucus and searching for Bigfoot in Brooklyn. To wrap it all up, Morgan recited the entire script of the original Planet of the Apes movie.

Brian Williams paid a visit to The Late Show last night…but it wasn’t his interview that was the interesting part. It was the violent crime he committed in the back alley after the interview that the show just so happened to catch on tape:

The Help star Octavia Spencer visited Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about running down the street naked after Barack Obama won the presidential election, and her problematic habit of “sleep eating.”


Finally, Shameless star Emmy Rossum showed up on Conan to reveal her love for, and secret marriage to, Prince Harry, and her romantic feelings for redheads and stuffed animals.