Tracy Morgan’s Offensive Comments Might Inspire ’30 Rock’ Stories

Tracy MorganEver since he became a self-satirizing cartoon character at the inception of the wonder that is 30 Rock, many of us have developed an abiding love for Tracy Morgan. The actor and comedian’s performances on Tina Fey’s series, as well as his entertainingly incoherent talk show interviews, were the stuff of genius. But truth be told, this summer, he was a pretty big jackass. According to Fey herself, Morgan is sincerely apologetic for his remarks, and meant them without any degree of severity. So, if he does indeed mean to get back on the good side of the American public, what is the best way to do so?

Well, the world applauded Michael Richards after he owned up to his nightclub outburst on the penultimate episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s previous season. And that might be the route Morgan is taking, too.

Fey says it is not at all beyond the scope of possibility to expect that a storyline involving Tracy Jordan (Morgan’s self-based character) be derivative of his summer faux-pas. When you have an castmember like Morgan, you’re not hard-pressed for inspiration; the series has, in the past, touched upon his diabetes, drinking problems, movie choices, parental abandonment and outlandish publicized behavior. 

However, although the marvelous Fey has expressed a worthy distaste for Morgan’s actions, she also has a loyal sympathy for her longtime friend and coworker, and hopes America can forgive him and move past this. Still, attacking the issue comedically might be more condusive to forgiveness than hoping it fades from the public conscious. It’s really a toss-up, but it certainly would be in-character for the even crazier-than-his-real-life-counterpart Tracy Jordan to spout something nearly unforgivable, ruining his reputation and the fate of TGS (and have only Kenneth stand by his side).

Source: Vulture