Trey Parker and Matt Stone Brush Off ‘The Ringer’ Accusations

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have brushed off accusations they stole the concept to the Farrelly Brothers’ upcoming movie The Ringer and incorporated it into a 2004 South Park show.

Screenwriter Ricky Blitt tells Daily Variety he showed a copy of his The Ringer script to the South Park creators before it was snapped up by the Farrellys.

But the South Park creators insist they had no idea Blitt‘s treatment existed before they came up with the idea for their show, in which Cartman feigns mental illness so he can compete in the Special Olympics.

Stone says, “It’s hard for Trey and I to hear them come down on us like we ripped off an idea. I met Bob Farrelly once for about four minutes. I never met anybody else, neither has Trey, and we knew nothing about their movie.

“We thought of the idea for that episode early on, but we couldn’t make it for two or three seasons. When the show expanded, we were able to make it. I don’t think it means that much; if The Ringer is a good movie, it will do well.

“And I remember wanting to remake King Kong 10 years ago. Does that mean I was ripped off? I wish they wouldn’t attack us.”

The Ringer features Johnny Knoxville entering the Special Olympics in a bid to pay off a debt.

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