Trista Sutter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Blog: Breaking Down the Final Three

ALTThis is it. Emily Maynard is down to the final three men. On Monday night, we watched as she said goodbye to Chris, and now, she’s heading into her overnight dates with just Arie, Sean, and Jef remaining. got a chance to catch up with former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter, who breaks down the final three for us. Will well-rounded Sean, hunky race car driver Arie, or nice guy Jef get the final rose? Trista predicts the outcome and talks about Emily’s connection with each guy.

Goodbye Chris

Trista wasn’t surprised Chris got send home Monday night. “I truly think that had the producers allowed her to go from five guys to three, that Chris would’ve left with John last week,” says Trista. “The connection, romance, and chemistry just weren’t there even though he thought otherwise. It’s sad, but if you have to force something, it’s not meant to be and they were not meant to be.”

Trista Predicts Jef Will Be Gone Next Week

Emily and Jef have a great connection. “He is incredibly sweet, articulate, and genuine and seems to be able to make her laugh like no other, even though Sean was hysterical in Monday’s episode,” says Trista. “I remember hearing her say that a strong sense of humor was tops on her list to one of the mothers. That draws him to her. I think she’s also drawn to his country roots, and who wouldn’t love time on that beautiful ranch? My husband certainly would!”

But Emily has a stronger connection with the other two guys. “If she had met Jef somewhere else, maybe they would be dating,” says Trista. “But the fact is that she can only choose one.”

Sean: Runner-Up?

Sean comes in at number two. “I love his family,” says Trista. “His family is so hysterical and so sweet. I think she could easily see herself fitting in with that family without any drama or awkward moments.”

“They have a great attraction to each other, physically, and their lifestyles work,” she continues. “Hanging out at the dog park, she was saying, ‘Ricki and I do this all the time, too.’ It just seems like a natural lifestyle fit, besides the attraction, sense of humor, and amazing family connection.”

Trista thinks “it’s going to be heartbreaking” saying goodbye to Sean, but in the end, Arie is it.

Arie Will Receive the Final Rose

“They just fit — period,” says Trista. “For her, he is like the bad boy race car driver. What girl isn’t attracted to a racec ar driver? Ok… maybe not everyone, but Emily has shown that, that line of work is right up her alley. And I think having a man with a very masculine job makes her feel even more safe and secure. I do with a firefighter and you can’t get much more masculine than that. “

Trista adds: “Arie is number one in my book. And Ricki is used to the race car lifestyle. It’s something they are familiar with. Plus, Arie loves her so much that he will do anything for her and will continue to do anything for her and her daughter as well.”

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