Trista Sutter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Blog: Goodbye Ryan, Hello Arie

ALTAfter keeping the bad guys around for weeks, Emily Maynard suddenly stepped on the gas to ditch the villains. On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, she sent Ryan home after (finally!) realizing they just weren’t compatible.

Well, former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter breaks down that departure for exclusively and also discusses her thoughts on frontrunner Arie’s secret rendezvous.

Emily Sends Ryan Packing

Emily said goodbye to Ryan during their one-on-one date after he wouldn’t drop the whole “Trophy Wife” bit. Fans cheered, but Trista says maybe the ultra-confident athletic trainer is simply misunderstood.

“Deep down, I think he’s a good guy. He just has a poor choice of words,” Trista says. “When you tell a woman that she is a trophy wife, you may be thinking that you want them to be beautiful inside and out, that you want them to be the best that they can be. But a strong, independent woman like Emily wants to know that she will be loved unconditionally… on the days she truly shines like a trophy and the days she doesn’t feel the need to get out of her sweats or take a shower, as is the case for many moms!”

He also didn’t seem to have the same goals in life as Emily. “The bottom line is that family wasn’t on his list,” Trista says. “That should have been number one if he was going to have any chance at being compatible with her.”

So all-in-all, Trista says Emily was right to stand by her decision to say goodbye to Ryan. “I actually thought he was going to convince her to let him stay,” she says. “She had too many questions with him. There are a few others she doesn’t have significant questions about so I think it was right for her to focus on them and let Ryan go.”

Kalon Vs. Ryan: Who Is The Bigger Villain?

Although Ryan was portrayed as one of the two villains of the season, Trista thinks that Kalon was the worst of the two. “The things that come out of Ryan’s mouth may have been said in fun or just without thinking, but I feel like Ryan would apologize for hurting Emily’s feelings. I truly don’t believe that was his intention,” Trista says. “Kalon didn’t. It may not have been his intention, but he actually said, ‘I’m not going to take it back, I’m not going to apologize.’ When you say something that hurts someone’s feelings, you own it and you apologize. That, to me, shows the kind of person that both of them are deep down.”

Arie Pulls a Courtney Robertson

At least Emily has handsome, dreamy Arie by her side. And even if he did pull a stunt like Courtney Robertson did on Ben Flajnik’s season by paying a secret visit to Emily, the whole rendezvous was a sweet gesture.

“It was really endearing,” says Trista. “I like the fact that Arie went there basically to just tell her, ‘I appreciate that your heart is in the right place.’ It came from a good place. A place of true desire to just spend more time with her. I didn’t feel that way with Courtney. It seemed she was there to one-up the others. Their intentions were a bit different.”

Arie Is The One for Emily… Or So It Seems

And no matter what direction next week’s standoff between Emily and Arie takes (it’s promoted that Emily finds out about Arie’s former relationship with her good friend and Bachelorette producer), Trista feels that their relationship will overcome this obstacle. “Their chemistry is so strong that I have a feeling that they’d be able to get past this,” she says.

After all, Arie might just have a lock on the competition. “I love Arie for her,” Trista says. “Every time I see them together, I think, ‘Oh, he’s totally the one,’ although that’s also the case with Sean as well, so we’ll see!”

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