Trista Sutter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Blog: My Picks For the Final 3

ALTAfter last night’s dramatic episode of The Bachelorette, we’re left with one villain down (Kalon) and a few new surprising frontrunners.

So now, in week five of the competition, Season 1’s Bachelorette Trista Sutter tells her predictions for Emily Maynard’s final three guys.


The handsome and caring blond insurance salesman/model could walk away with the final rose, in Trista’s book. “After seeing their connection last night and Sean showing who he is as a person, I just loved him,” she says. “He was really the whole package. He kind of came out of nowhere for me. I liked him before, but he definitely is winning the race for me right now.”


Sure, the race car driver seemed to fall from Emily’s graces when he didn’t tell her about Kalon’s negative “baggage” comments. But he’ll climb his way back to the top, says Trista. “I still look back on the connection they had last week, and I don’t think that can be completely hindered,” she says. “I hope she can get past it and focus on the quality time she has with him.”

#3 JEF

The gentle entrepreneur came out of nowhere and instantly became a fan favorite last night. “I think he’s very classy—he’s very calming and subtly funny,” says Trista. “They have a great connection. I still love Arie, but both Sean and Jef are definitely right up there now.”


Still, Trista suspects that geography will play a big role in Emily’s final decision. Jef lives on the opposite side of the country in Salt Lake City, Utah, while Emily lives in Charlotte, N.C. Trista can’t see her uprooting her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki, to move for Jef…the head of a company who most likely wouldn’t be able to relocate. “That’s why he’s not number one for me,” she says. “She and Brad [Womack] had a house picked out I believe and for whatever reason didn’t move for him. It may just be that they knew it wasn’t going to work before she made the move, but it just makes chances with him a little lower on the scale than the others. On the other hand, I do feel like Sean would be able to move for her.”

Whether Emily decides to go with any of these men at the end, only time will tell. But at least she seems to be weeding out the losers from the pack like Kalon. She threw him off the show after Doug told her that Kalon had referred to Ricki as “baggage.”

“As a mother, you will do anything to protect your children, whether it’s physically or verbally,” Trista reasons. “Even though Ricki wasn’t present, she still came to her defense… as would any other mother in her shoes. You would think that the son of a single mother would’ve understood that, but clearly he did not as shown he wouldn’t take it back. Regardless of the context, a little girl should NEVER be referred to as ‘baggage.’ I’m not surprised in the least that Emily acted the way that she did toward Kalon. In that position, you can’t deny your feelings and she reacted on a deep level. I don’t fault her for that.”

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