Trista Sutter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Blog: The Villain and The Prince

Trista SutterOn Monday night’s special, The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, all of the men who neglected to nab a rose from Emily Maynard this season got together to rehash the season’s biggest moments and most interesting characters. Of course, those interesting characters included Kalon, the helicopter riding bad guy who never let Emily get in a word; Ryan, the orange-tanned Southerner who is still looking for his “trophy wife”; and Sean, the season’s most loved competitor.

Former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter breaks down the drama, and how these men will be perceived following the special. Trista also shares her predictions on how the final rose ceremony will end for Emily and her two remaining men, Jef and Arie.

Kalon: Once a Villain, Always a Villain

Sure, Kalon spewed much ridiculousness throughout his short Bachelorette run, but it was even more ridiculous watching the contestant paddle down the river de Nile during the Men Tell All special. Like a true Bachelorette villain, it seems the contestant has learned little since leaving the show, and has very few regrets.

“Kalon is just Kalon.” Trista says. “He seems like an incredibly inconsiderate person who is unwilling to heed the advice from most of America and make even a minimal attempt at being a kind, caring, person. I’m just happy that Emily was able to put him in his place yet again… and she did exactly that.”

At the very least, Kalon will make Bachelor Pad entertaining. “For drama purposes, he’ll cause controversy,” Trista says. “Especially when you hear Lindzi [Cox, who he is rumored to have hooked up with on Bachelor Pad] saying that she thinks he’s pretty awesome. I don’t think the producers could have scripted better controversy. Lindzi is awesome, and she deserves so much better than him. I know I’ll cringe, but that part will be very fun to watch.”

Confucius Says Ryan is Confused

It was difficult for fans to latch onto Ryan all season long, and he did little to get into viewers’ good graces during the Men Tell All. But Trista thinks the former contestant just chose his words poorly, once again. “I’m not sure how many times he needs to be told, but referring to a woman as a trophy is just not OK,” she says. “Even if in his mind he is thinking that he wants someone he can put up on a pedestal, the appropriate word would be more like goddess.”

Trista adds: “Bottom line is that I think he has great intentions and will find a woman to love one day, but that day may not be until he has a little taste of humble pie.”

Sean, a.k.a. Prince Charming

When Chris Harrison introduced Sean Monday night, the crowd went wild. And Sean only bolstered his image — and the rumors that he’s being groomed to become the next Bachelor — during his interview. Trista is certainly in support of Sean headlining a season.

“Anyone that I’ve ever said is going to be a good Bachelor or Bachlorette, it’s because clearly they have the looks that I feel like America will drool over,” she says. “He is successful, he’s a professional business guy with a real job and not just a career to put on paper, and it seems like he’s hardworking and committed to being successful. He’s got a great family, he’s got an amazing personality, he’s genuinely sweet and endearing, and he’s incredibly articulate.”

Not to mention — as proved by his interview last night — Sean is a great communicator. “He is able to tap into his emotions and articulate them appropriately,” Trista says. “Ryan, my husband, he is incredibly articulate, but I don’t know that The Bachelor would be something he would enjoy (and hopefully he’ll never need to consider the chance) as he really isn’t one who likes to talk about his emotions. Sean seems very comfortable in sharing that part of his life. Sean has all of the characteristics.”

It doesn’t hurt Sean’s chances that he’s ready to find love again. “Now that he has had his heart broken, that actually makes him an even better candidate because he can sympathize with the girls when he has to send people home,” Trista says. “He won’t want to break their hearts, like he had his broken. That will give him more of a sympathetic factor.”

After all, who wouldn’t sign up to accept a rose from Sean? “Obviously, his feelings were very strong for Emily, and I know that takes a long time to get over, but I’m sure they would pick wonderful women for him,” Trista says. “And there would be lines around not only corners but cities, signing up to be one of the lucky girls!”

And the final rose will go to…

While reports have been circulating that one Bachelor gets cold feet and Emily winds up with her second choice, Trista has decided to keep her nose out of the tabloids. Instead of paying attention to gossip, she has her own headline-worthy prediction: Emily will walk away with both Arie and Sean. But get your head out of the gutter — our Bachelorette isn’t looking for a threesome!

“I feel like she’s going to say, ‘Would you both consider us dating in the real world?’” Trista says. “If they’re up for it, maybe she’ll give them both the option and then she’ll make her final decision at the after special. It is live, after all, which they’ve never done…”

Now that would make for must-see TV! How do you feel about Trista’s prediction? Share your thoughts below.

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