‘True Blood’ Clips: Sookie’s Got A Gun — VIDEO

true blood sookie jason stackhouseThings are about to get a lot more complicated, you guys. Or is it?! Crazy things are afoot in Bon Temps, and the new clips for next Sunday’s episode prove that by giving us more questions than there are answers. But, you know, that seems to be the way with True Blood these days (or every day). And like the thrall with bloodlust, we still cling so desperately on.

So we have these clips, and from that we have questions. Some we know the answer to, some we don’t, and other we choose just not to believe. Like, why is Mike at Sookie’s house? Would Sookie really sport that sort of gun? What does Jason want with Jessica? Is that Hoyt in the background? What do they all want? And why does Mike want Sookie’s body?! Will he take it? Will anyone ever actually harm Sookie and her magical fairyness? Wait, Jessica’s guards! What’s happening?! Also, can we request that every single clip/scene/minute features Lafayette, because really? Check out the clips below. and sound off on them in the comments!

The new episode of True Blood will air this airs on Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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