‘True Blood’ Faces Life and Death — CLIPS


True BloodFrom the looks of two new clips from the upcoming episode of True Blood, the next hour of the series really seems to be focusing on the dichotomy between life and death. In the first clip, a pretty fateful message is delivered to leading vamp Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), and in a rather cavalier fashion, no less. The essence of death: imminent, unapologetic, and often brought on by an apathetic 20-year-old girl.

The second clip pays focus on the gift—or curse—of eternal life that comes with being a vampire. While some might lament this plague, Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) can’t seem to find any fault with being young and virile forever. But clearly, she hasn’t thought of the movie theater senior discounts of which she’ll be deprived.

Watch the next episode of True Blood on Sunday night at 9 PM ET/PT on HBO.

[Image Credit: HBO]


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