Which ‘True Blood’ Characters Will Die Before the Finale?

Which ‘True Blood’ Characters Will Die Before the Finale?

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With the final season of True Blood wrapping up this summer, we’ve got to wonder which characters the vampire drama will exterminate for good by the time the finale rolls around. We’ve already seen the HBO series give the axe to Tara Thornton, Alcide Herveaux, and Mrs. Fortenberry, but what about the rest of the major players? Who will make it to the end, and who will meet a grim fate?

Sookie Stackhouse
In the end, Sookie probably has to live. That doesn’t mean we can’t secretly root for her demise, though. The character has become so self-centered that in the midst of a zombie-vampire epidemic and the death of her childhood best friend, she’s principally concerned with what the people of Bon Temps are thinking about her. Sookie is upset that they think she brings nothing but trouble… so, she decides to try to help her kidnapped friends by trying to get kidnapped herself (and this is how Alcide gets shot, which now she has something else to feel bad about). Girl needs to get a grip.

Bill Compton
Bill has always been one of the campiest character on the show, from his pronunciation of “Sookie” to actually becoming god, and we’ve gone back and forth between loving to hating him again and again. At this point, it’s tough to hate Bill, but that’s not to say we’d be all that sad to see him go. But perhaps we’ll root for him to make it through, if only because Sookie probably will, and wouldn’t that just be adorable if Sookie and Bill finally got together? (See? I almost sound like I give a hoot.)

Sam Merlotte
Sam has been involved in his own stories for a while, and now he’s finally returning to the group. After seasons of waiting for him to get killed off, now I’m sort of rooting for him to make it through. He does have a kid on the way… or something. I’m still not quite sure exactly who his fiancée is, when she got pregnant, or any of that. But I’m pretty sure he mentioned she and their baby were taken by the vampires.

Jason Stackhouse
There is no way in hell Jason Stackhouse should die because that’s just a waste of beauty. It’s as simple as that. Next character.

Eric Northman
It seems like it’s a given that Eric will die since he’s contracted Hep V, but who knows? Let’s just hope that if he dies, he dies like Godric did. Or that we see Godric again at least. 

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Pam can’t die, can she? She’s always been one of the show’s strongest characters, but the latest episode featuring her with Eric lagged a bit. Until, that is, she stole Ginger’s idea for Fangtasia and passed it off as her own. Then we remembered how fun Pam can be. It’ll be a sad turn of events if she goes.

Jessica is another character with whom the show has always done well. Hopefully, she and Hoyt will somehow fall back in love with each other and can stay alive (or, well, vampire-alive) to enjoy some time together. 

Andy Bellefleur
Andy has grown more than any other character on this show in the last seven seasons, evolving from an incompetent drunk on the police force to a V addict, then to sheriff, and now a father and a leader. His trajectory makes him easy to root for consistently, regardless of whether or not we actually like him. 

Ah, to look back upon how upsetting it was at the end of Season 1, when the cliffhanger led us all to believe Lafayette had died. Though his bruja abilities (is that what he is? or his just a medium?) can test a fan’s patience, the character is one of the greatest on the show. He’s still hilarious, and he’s still lovable, and he’s probably the only thing about this show that still is. Hopefully, he’ll wind up with Jessica’s boyfriend and find the happiness he was robbed of with Jesus. 

Hearts shattered in the latest episode when Arlene decided not to be with Terry in death. Hopefully that’s the last run-in with death she faces this season, because she has those three kids and a heart of gold.