‘True Blood’ Gets New Blood: Mark Hudis Replaces Alan Ball as Showrunner

true bloodWhen word spread of Alan Ball’s departure from True Blood after Season 5, fans began to wonder who be bold enough to take the reigns of the highly successful vampire drama if the series (hopefully) gets picked up for a sixth season. Well, according to Deadline, co-executive producer Mark Hudis is slated for the job and would be upped to executive producer/showrunner for future seasons as part of an overall deal he has signed with HBO.

Hudis has been a member of the True Blood clan for the past two seasons: last year’s Season 4 and the upcoming Season 5, which premieres on June 10. But now that he’ll be given basically unlimited control, it will be interesting to see how his influence will impact the show. Throughout the years, Hudis has had a hand in a variety of TV gems, including Nurse Jackie, That ’70s Show, and the sitcom Cybill. Here’s what we hope he’ll implement from all those past shows.

Nurse Jackie’s penchant for high-stakes drama… and blood

Given that Jackie works at a hospital in New York, there are always a surplus of emergency cases she is expected to deal with. And while the residents of Bon Temps are far from having their medical degrees (unless you count the healing power of vampire blood), they still constantly have to deal with high stakes situations, so it would be great if Hudis can keep that consistent high-energy on the show. Plus, Jackie’s E.R. was always filled with bloody situations, so Hudis will have no problem fitting in to TB’s bloody little world.

That ’70s Show’s irresistible humor

Yes, True Blood usually ends up becoming quite the blood bath for poor Sookie & Co., but the show doesn’t rely on its action-packed scenes alone. (Let’s not forget about all those shirtless scenes too!) TB’s characters are insanely lovable, whether they’re foul-mouthed like Tara or full of sass like Lafayette. This helps lighten the mood at times when fans need it most, so it would be great if Hudis threw in some of that comedic relief That ’70s Show thrived on. And let’s face it, Jason could probably get away with a lot of Kelso’s idiotic (yet lovable) lines.

Cybill’s focus on female independence

This show was all about a fearless, independent woman trying to make her mark on the world, which seems to fit our dear Sookie Stackhouse to a T.When you willingly give up the company of two sexy vamps in order to remain true to yourself, you know you’re as independent as they come. True Blood has always centered around female empowerment, having Sookie triumph over supernatural creatures again and again. Hudis should definitely keep that type of mentality on the show and have Sookie take a few pages out of Cybill’s book (though she’ll probably have the upper hand with those useful faerie powers of hers).

Do you think Hudis will be a great new showrunner or will Ball’s absence have a negative impact on the series?

[Image: HBO]


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