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‘True Blood’ Recap: Don’t You Feel Me (Season 6, Episode 6)

‘True Blood’ Recap: Don’t You Feel Me (Season 6, Episode 6)

True Blood, episode 66, season 6, episode 6
TRUE BLOOD episode 66 (season 6, episode 6): Stephen Moyer. photo: John P. Johnson

Credit: John Raoux/AP Photo

After witnessing Sookie drown last Sunday evening, we knew that this week’s episode would be soaked in shear chaos. And True Blood did not disappoint. We watched Bill walk in the light, indulged in a much-needed sex scene, and even bid farewell to two lead characters. Yeah, it was pretty epic to say the least.

Now that you’re all revved up, it’s time to delve into all the bloody bits that True Blood served up.

Not So Bloody Tru Blood
And we’re back to gladiator sessions with Eric and Pam at vamp camp! As much as Pam despises Eric for turning Willa, deep down they still got lovin’ for each other. The two stake some guards and stick their bleeding bodies up against the glass for Governor Burrell and all to see. 

Burell, meanwhile, is on a path full of vengeance, so he injects Nora with Hepatitis V and forces Eric to watch her suffer. Yikes! But fear not, Eric has a plan: he summons Willa, who frees Eric and Nora, and then the three disguise themselves. Eric then discovers that Tru Blood bottles are being contaminated with the same lethal Hepatitis V that Nora’s experiencing. 

Bye Bye, Burrell! 
When Bill realizes Jessica’s been shipped off to vamp camp he tries calling upon Lilith… to no avail. So, he instead forces Doc Takahashi to put him into a coma so he can communicate with Lilith. Unfortunately, she’s more sassy than helpful, and decides she’s so not down to assist Bill any longer. 

Bill chugs a vile of Warlow’s blood, steps in the sunlight, and… doesn’t burn! Bill then shows up at Burrell’s mansion, sinks his teeth into Burrell, and decapitates the fanger-hater. Peace out, Burrell! We won’t be missing you too much… or frankly, at all.

Jason Stackhouse, LAVTF
Jason enlists in the LAVTF with the sole purpose of saving Jessica. But Sarah Newlin tries to intervene in Jason’s rescue mission: the crazed blonde bombshell tries to force Jason into watching Jessica get raped. Luckily, Jessica is saved and Jason doesn’t have to witness the abuse.  

Toodles, Terry 
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Terry Bellefleur shows up at Lafayette’s to give him a key to his safety deposit box, prompting Laf to phone Arlene, who thinks Terry’s about to commit suicide. To stop him, Holly and Arlene call in a vamper to glamour Terry into forgetting about his war crimes and his suicidal thoughts.  

Yet, Arlene didn’t have a clue that Terry already planned out his death. So, despite Arlene’s attempts to stop it, poor Terry still gets shot and winds up dying. Tears rush down Arlene’s cheeks as she consoles Terry during his final moments; she sings a precious lullaby as she runs her manicured fingers through his hair. And then I cried through the rest of the episode. 

Storylines We Don’t Really Care About Anymore
Sam realizes he’s not quite ready for daddy-duty, so he hands Emma back over to Martha but firsts makes her promise to shield Emma from Alcide’s pack. This whole Emma-swapping exchange infuriates Alcide, who tells him to head on out of town or else his pack will kill him. 

Andy Bellefleur’s last living daughter finally gets a proper name, Adeline-Braylyn-Charlaine-Dannica– four names in honor of her three deceased sistas. (Sidenote: Adeline’s my middle name… just sayin’). 

Creature of the Light, Not So Much At Night!
Bills spidey senses tingle (okay, they’re vampire senses, but I had a chance to reference Spider-Man so I went for it) and he sends Warlow to save Sookie’s drowning ass. Warlow’s about to sink his fangs into Lafayette when Sookie hollers hell no! Ben instead blasts him with his light, which wakes up Lafayette — and we say goodbye to Papa Stackhouse’s spirit forever.

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Billith summons Ben once again, but Sookie jets off to that wacko fairy-plane. Ben tells Sookie he has to tie him up upon nightfall because he can’t resist his killing urges. He explains, “In my heart I’m a creature of light, but when darkness falls…” He reveals that he despises his vampireness, which is why he killed Lilith. And if Sookie became his one and only, he would need only her, they could feed off each other and live in perfect fairy-vampire harmony! 

Sookie starts to accept that she has feelings for Warlow and lets him feed off her. Then she feeds off him in return before making love to him. It’s erotic as hell and is an awesome way for the episode to end. True Blood‘s sure been lacking in the sex department, so we’re more than happy to be glamoured by these two hotties boning! And that hot sex scene leaves us something to think about while we await next Sunday…. 

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