True Blood Recap: ‘In The Ever’ (Season 6, Episode 7)

I know it’s been hard to quench your thirst all this week considering your Tru Blood stash was laced with Hepatitis V, but fear not because this week’s episode of True Blood satiated your bloody appetites. 

Yes, it’s a total bummer that two characters didn’t return to our screen this week since we had to say goodbye to Terry and Governor Burrell last episode–not that we minded saying adios to Burrell at all whatsoever. But at least this week not only served up a few sex scenes, but also… drumroll please… another lead character’s death! So read on for all the deets on the bloody bits True Blood  delivered! 

Yet Another Death
So, after we learned that the same Hepatitis V that’s making Nora all veiny–and not looking’ so hot to say the least– is now in the Tru Blood blood supply, some serious shit starts goin’ down at vamp camp. 

First up, Eric’s found his way out of vamp-camp, clinging for dear life onto a Tru Blood truck with his sis Nora latching onto him. Eric brings Nora to casa de Bill thinking his God-ish ways could heal her, but Nora’s so not down. But the two ex-Sookie lovers strike a deal: Bill will feed Nora his blood if Eric will assist Bill with saving the vampire race from burning under the hot Louisiana sun.  

We are treated to another flashback to when Eric turned Nora after she came down with the bubonic plague in the middle ages, which reveals how Nora’s current situation totally parallels her turning back in the day. This fond memory however is not quite enough to keep Nora going, and she winds up dissolving into a goopy blood pile. Although by the sixth season I should be totally okay saying farwell to a character, it was for sure a toughie to say adios to Nora. But hey, at least death gives Nora an escape from her atrocious look of baggy-red eyes and grotesque skin.

Should We Just Call You Senator Sarah?
Sarah Newlin’s joy ride’s cut short after seeing Governor’s Burrell’s decaptiated head chillin’ like a villain–well, he was like actually a villain, so that saying works. Anyways, Sarah then kisses Burrell’s dead head goodbye.. and yes, it’s super weird, not that we expect much else from the bump-it bearing chick. 

But Burrell’s death isn’t stopping Sarah and she claims “we are this close to bringing Truman’s vision to light” which apparently includes not revealing Burrell’s death to the public eye. Okay, crazy lady, whatever you say! But, we’re pretty sure you’re merely using his death to escalate your political power. You can’t fool us, Newlin!

Naked Sunbathing
After Sookie and Warlow sunbathe naked in fairy-land post-orgasm, Sookie hears Arlene sobbing over Terry’s death and goes to comfort Arlene in the midst of her waterworks. And this scene totally makes me wish Sookie was my BFF. Who needs Ben & Jerry’s when you have Sookie Stackhouse to heal a broken-heart, right?

 Lafayette and Sookie then grab papers from the safety Box Terry left behind and realize Terry totally knew his death was on the way. Ruh-roh! Later Bill shows up at Arlene’s pity-party, which freaks everyone out since he’s just casually strolling in the daylight. Bill tells Sookie that without Warlow and her blood, all her vamp-friends will be goners, so that definitely gets Sook’s attention alright. Phew! 

In Other News
Sam tells Nicole he’s got to say goodbye to head back to Bon Temps to deal with Terry aftermath, but not before the two have steamy shower-sex. Because what better way is there to say farewell!? Well, Nicole doesn’t get too far and ends up in the werewolf pack’s possession once more. Yikes! 

Oh and Alcide, you’re super smokin’ with your abtastic bod, but your storyline is just way too boring to pay attention to. Heart-to-hearts with your daddy aren’t really too interesting, sorry to break it to ya, Wolfman. 

Jason reels Jessica into a private room at vamp-camp and reveals how he’s determined to get her old of this hell-hole, but like Jessica doesn’t want his help. I’m sorry, but WHAT?! Why wouldn’t she want to flee A.S.A.P.. Okay, I know Jess is trying to be Miss Independent (Shout out Kelly Clarkson), but come on honey. Jess does get the chance to thank James for not raping her though and in return tells him about the Hepatitis V situation… and she totally wants James to bone her as well. I guess after being locked up in vamp-camp, you must get horny. Besides the fang-moaning, it’s pretty hot. 

Oh yeah and since the Governor’s dead and gone, Jason no longer has leverage on Sarah, so she sends him into a famished group of fangers with his blood gushing. But before these vampers can get a taste, Tara defends Jason. The True Blood writers can’t just write off Jason just yet, us viewers need him for eye-candy purposes, duh!

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