‘True Blood’ Recap: Me And The Devil

true blood tommyS4E5 I don’t know about you, but it seemed to me like True Blood stopped in on a good 87 plots tonight, and even more characters. This wasn’t a bad thing, necessarily, now that Sam’s plot has a creepy intensity, Arlene and Terry seem to be getting somewhere with their spooky baby, and Jason has the most hilariously awkward sex dream since the “water in Arkansas is very haaaaaaard” moment. But that list doesn’t even get into Tara and Sookie’s girly bonding, Jesus’s trip to his grandfather’s, Marnie’s Inquisition flashbacks, Alcide’s pack troubles, Jessica and Hoyt’s Relationship Issues, The Authority’s witch hunt, Bill’s incestuous girlfriend, and what should technically be the ‘A’ plot, Sookie’s burgeoning romance with Amnesiac Eric. I’m getting tired just typing all that out. I was glad to see the culmination of what feels like eons, but was actually just weeks, of flirting between the pair, but their romance has gotten somewhat sidelined this year to make room for the ~490 other things going on. So tell me, fellow Bluddites? Would you rather have the True Blood universe paired down to a handful of story lines, or do you enjoy the current sprawling set-up? And if you could cut out some characters, who would you pick? (Hoyt’s mom goes without saying.)

“I always knew there was decency in you, even when you were a smug, sarcastic ass.” – Sookie

It’s another good week for Sookie, who seems to be flourishing this season. She goes about investigating Eric’s amnesia with her usual charm, and then when that fails, actually uses her mind-reading powers that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Then she tracks Marnie down to the magic shop and gets a message from ghost Gran, who tells her to run for her life, but not before dropping some relationship advice. It’s clear that her relationship with Eric isn’t going to last, seeing as how it’s built on a foundation of amnesia, but that doesn’t mean that Sookie can’t enjoy it. And enjoy it she does. Generally, I’d be all in favor of that, but Eric seems to be having some issues with his evil side, mainly in the form of homicidal dreams.

But Eric’s dreams were only the second-most disturbing of the night, because we also got a look at Jason’s hilarious subconscious. The dose of vamp-blood he got from Jessica leads to the usual sexy dreams, but Jason can’t even enjoy imaginary sex because Hoyt shows up to heckle. A Jason-Jessica-Hoyt love triangle sounds like a horrible idea in the long term, but for the moment it’s kinda funny. Especially Jason’s dour brunch, where the idea finally sinks in that maybe he shouldn’t have sex all the time, with everything. At the moment, his sex life has led to a drug addiction, a panther kidnapping, a murder accusation and getting involved in a cult. Which is one hell of a rap sheet.

“That’s some catchy shit for your headstone” – Lafayette

This week also had a sprinkling of my favorite aspect of True Blood, history lessons! No, I’m not being sarcastic. Through Marnie’s witchy flashbacks and the convenient explanation of that one sheriff, we learn that the spanish inquisition was kicked off when one witch (presumably Marnie’s ghost friend) used necromancy to force the vampires of Spain into the sunlight, killing thousands. Including a number placed within the church, the same way that vampires are currently placed incognito within Google and Fox News (which was a cute touch). I appreciate the sentiment, but it seems like a horrible idea for  vamps to go undercover in a job that requires them to handle holy water all the time. At the moment, Marnie just seems like a scared idiot, but you can see why Bill and the others find her such a threat. Especially Pam, who seems to be decomposing at an accelerated rate, and accidentally lets slip that Eric has amnesia. Maybe the decomposition reached her brain.

Speaking of stupid, Tara’s back to hysterical screaming mode, which is a bit of a pain. She’s right to be scared of Eric, of course, but he might’ve been at Sookie’s house for a variety of reasons, like to threaten her with murder, or because he forced himself in like he threatened to. This is one of those situations that could be easily resolved if Sookie just explained stuff. The situation keeps giving me flashbacks to season seven of Buffy, where the bad behavior of another blond vamp is excused with endless repetitions of “but he has a  soul now.” Replace “soul” with “amnesia” and the deja vu is complete. Tara splits up with Lafayette and Jesus once again, leaving them to head off to find Jesus’s grandfather and introduce YET ANOTHER character to a show bursting at the seams.

How crowded is it? Arlene and Terry, who were once endearing, yet minor, background characters get a ton of screen time this week, chronicling their attempts to exorcize the house of Renee’s ghost. Some commenters pointed out last week that the terrifying baby doll is probably responsible for the mayhem more than the actual baby, and I think that’s a good prediction. We get a significant shot of the thing before the matches catch fire at the end of the episode, at least. I knew that Terry and Arlene were destined for doom even before the ominous matches shot, because they couldn’t stop talking about how happy they were and how much they loved each other. That’s like the television equivalent of painting a target on the back of their heads. If the scene had gone on any longer, they’d bring up how they only had two weeks left ‘til retirement.

“It’s in the 10 commandments, don’t kill shit, don’t fuck with your parents. I did both.” – Tommy

If you’ll forgive the terrible segue, the Mickens found themselves retired far earlier than expected this week, after Tommy breaks some commandments with a metal pipe. Watching Sam cover up his parent’s murder was surprisingly tense, it’s easy to forget that Sam can be a creepy, creepy man when he wants to. And, like Sookie, Tommy actually remembers that he has superpowers and uses them to scare away a prying Andy. Now that Tommy has killed some family members, it looks like Luna’s foreshadowing two weeks ago will finally come into play- Tommys going to be able to shapeshift into different people. Great, a scared, immoral, already murderous teenager with the power to impersonate anyone. That’s going to work out wonderfully.

Best Moments:

“Hooker, you pissed off another god-damn vampire, and then you took a nap.” I don’t even need to recap, when Lafayette is around.

“You are incapable of love, you are damned” “She can redeem me” Man, was the Eric/Godric dialogue in the dream terrible. I have to assume that they were trying to parody the whole Anne Rice thing, rather than recreate it.

“Oh, she wants you in her mouth. Well that’s just great.”

“When I was a kid and I was home sick from school, my two favorite tv shows were Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Charmed.”

“I haven’t seen the devil in my shower or nothing.”

“Don’t know what’s in you until sometimes it just pops out.” That’s what she said?

“Gotta get it up in the corners.” “That’s where the evil hides!”