‘True Blood’ Recap: Soul Of Fire

true blood finale“Fuckin’ Sookie? Fucking Sookie. Fucking Sookie?” – Bill, Eric, and Jason

S4E11: True Blood tried something of a trick finale last night – wrapping up the plot surprisingly quickly only to pull the rug out from under us in a final twist. I must admit to being completely surprised by Marnie’s ghostly reappearance, even though in retrospect, it was kind of inevitable. What’s the point of being a necromancer if you can’t get some dead powers yourself? It’s a neat development, not only because it adds a fresh level of peril, but also because it gives Nelsan Ellis something to do besides be snarky (not that I don’t enjoy snarky Lafayette immensely.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The episode opens where the last left off, with the badass vampire brigade preparing to fire massive guns at the magic shop. Jason appears in time to tell them that Sookie’s inside, and tell Eric and Bill off for taking his sister for granted. In the end, I’m not sure that having Sookie inside definitely helped matters – she did bring Jesus and Lafayette with her, and they ended up saving the day, and I guess she did her fairy-magic at a convenient time, but things may not have escalated to that point had she not gotten involved. And, if she hadn’t gotten involved, we wouldn’t have had Eric and Bill’s suicide pissing contest. Which I’m pretty sure that Bill specifically set up so that he’d have a chance to shoot Eric in the head. I’m completely with Pam on this one – they had no reason at all to trust Mantonia, and Sookie has magic powers of her own. Pam’s fight with Eric and sudden disappearance makes me worry that the writers will kill her off next episode. Which would not be good, at all. What other characters voice their objections with an RPG?

“Even without your blood, you are all I think about.” – Jason

While the vampire crew dithers about outside, Sookie and Holly try talking Mantonia down. Sookie’s mind reading abilities should prove useful if she ever becomes a hostage negotiator, but despite their best efforts, Marnie is still crazy as hell. After Marnie kills one of the hostages, Jesus is able to use the dead woman to supercharge his weird latin mojo, as Lafayette might put it. But not before Mantonia uses the group to take control of the vampires, again. I cannot fathom why Sookie agreed to join the magic circle. What, did she think that Marnie was casting a friendly, “bake the vampires a birthday cake” spell? Fortunately, she uses her fairy powers to break the spell and keep Bill and the gang from getting bug-zapped like a couple of mosquitos, which is for the best. Marnie then traps her in this ring of fire, which doesn’t seem to do anything but freak Sookie out, until Jesus and Lafayette come to the rescue with their convenient exorcism spell. Sookie, I have a solution to all your problems: hit Marnie with your fairy powers. This would’ve been a much shorter season if Marnie was just a sunburned smear on the ground the first time she messed with the vamps.

“Remember when Terry went off his meds and he was telling everyone he was king Zignats? – Arlene

Speaking of fairy powers: Andy runs into a fairy, and makes a deal with her. I’m sure this will have absolutely no negative consequences, because fairies are known for their fair, sane, and equitable deals. Let’s tune in next season, when they give him a donkey head or something.

Meanwhile, over in the land of the B-plot, the crime-fighting duo of Alcide and Sam close in on Marcus. Who, not content with just adding murder to the list of things that makes him a scumbag, has also started messing around with Debbie Pelt and kidnapping his daughter. After Marcus gives his squicky speech about how Debbie is using V to fill up the baby-hole inside her (which, what?) Sam and Alcide bust in and proceed to beat the crap out of him. Sam decides to take the high road, but Marcus pulls a gun so Alcide chokes him to death. Then it’s Sam’s turn to have no idea what’s going on while Alcide and Debbie have their werewolf divorce, and Debbie runs off to, I don’t know, be a horrible person on another show. So, now that Alcide and Sam both know an awkward amount of personal information about each other, I vote that they become buddies. Flannel buddies! At least someone should get a happy ending.

Best Moments:

In the continuing saga of Jason and Jessica, Jason gets injured again and Jessica gives him blood. That’s about it.

“Evil has blossomed in you!” Like some sort of evil geraniums!

“What, a damn ghost crowbar?”

I admit to giggling when Mantonia’s spell makes all the vampires do silly-walks over to the forcefield.

Eric ripped out Roy’s heart and sucked it like a juicebox.