‘True Blood’ Season 6 Premiere Draws Blood — But Only 4.5 Million Viewers

V addicts were high on True Blood‘s sixth season premiere last night. The HBO action-packed show glamoured a blood-thirsty audience last night with 4.5 million viewers. Unfortunately the network was hoping that more people were going to be engaged in the bloodbath. 

The vamp-thriller did not draw the same amount of thirsty viewers as last year’s Season 5 premiere, this year the drama had to battle with the NBA Finals. In our opinion, watching crazed vampires, sexy werewolves, and pretty fairies is much more entertaining than watching an old basketball be tossed in a hoop, but then again we’re completely obsessed with pop culture.

True Blood’s premiere did hold up when compared to Game of Thrones’ Season 3 opener, which reeled in 4.4 million watchers. Well, suck on that Game of Thrones.  If True Blood mirrors the upward trajectory as the third season of GoT, which held the same 9pm time slot on HBO, the wild vampire-run show will continue to stake audiences with the success its previously held as HBO’s flagship series. 

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