True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Which Main Character Will be Murdered?

With a show like True Blood, death is an inevitable occurrence in the vampire-ridden town of Bon Temp. Usually our favorite characters always seem to escape the grim reaper’s weekly visits — but all of that is about to change. When the HBO hit premieres this Sunday, fans will be shocked with a huge death that will set the tone for a heart-pounding sixth season.

So who is the unlucky soul that will be leaving Louisiana for good? We can’t reveal that just yet — but we can tell you that this fan favorite character dies in the most unexpected way possible. Our jaws are still on the floor from this deceiving twist, and we guarantee yours will be too.

When we last saw our favorite bloodsuckers, Bill was chugging the entire vile of the vampire goddess Lilith’s blood, and now things have reached a new level of strange for Sookie’s former flame. New powers, erratic behavior, and insane visions are just a few of the side-effects that Bill will be dealing with as Season 6 begins.

While Bill is facing these new changes, Sookie is trying to distance herself from her former beau as much as possible. Let’s face it, he has caused her enough sorrow at this point and she is busy dealing with her own supernatural snags as the creepy old vampire, Warlow, continues to haunt her.

And as for the rest? Here are a few teasers to prepare you for what’s to come: Eric turns his back on his protégée Pam, Jason starts seeing dead people, Sam and Luna team up for a challenging mission, and Alcide learns what being a pack master is more dangerous than he thought. Now that we’ve witnessed the brutal death of this major character it’s clear that the violently jolting series is spiraling into the darkest season we’ve even seen.

Ready for your television screen to drip in blood once more? True Blood bites back with the premiere of Season 6 this Sunday, June 16 at 9 PM on HBO.

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