‘True Blood’ Sinks Its Teeth into a Doppelgänger Plotline

true bloodTrue Blood has never been afraid to unleash a wide array of mystical entities on the show, aside from those ever-so-popular vampires. Whether it be werewolves, faeries, maenads, or witches, this series never fails to explore the supernatural realm. So it should come as no surprise that the HBO show is preparing, yet again, to add one more magical being to its belt notch later this season: a doppelgänger. (Sorry, How I Met Your Mother fans, it’s not Stripper Lily.)

According to E! Online, the not-so-one-and-only Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) will be getting her very own doppelgänger, which will undoubtedly mean trouble for the residents of Bon Temps. Double the Sookies has to mean double the death, right? And something tells me this bizarro Sookie isn’t going to be as sweet and innocent as the one we’ve grown to love. On the bright side, this means she’d no longer have to choose between Bill and Eric — she can have both!

But as excited as I am to watch yet another mystical event unfold, I can’t help but have a few fangs bones to pick concerning this future plot shift. And before you start chasing me around with torches and pitchforks for daring to utter such words, just here me out for a second…

1. Why Not Double The Hunks?

I mean seriously, if you’re going to double a character and have the likes of Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello at your disposal, then why-oh-why wouldn’t you choose one of them? Think of how many more abs that would be, guys! You can never have too many shirtless males running around on this show.

2. Character Overload

While this could definitely make for an interesting plot twist, this show already has an excessive amount of characters. If we start doubling them then that’s going to leave less room for our old favorites to shine. I don’t want to miss out on naked-Eric time just because there’s no longer any room for it in the scenes. Now that would really suck.

3. Confusion

Unless the writers decide to give Sookie’s double a different hair color, chances are it’s going to be pretty tough to tell these two apart — especially if this alter-Sookie starts pretending to be the real Sookie. In fact, just thinking about the whole idea is quite draining, and not in the good, vampire way. It could wind up feeling like The Parent Trap 2: This Time with Vampires. 

4. It’s Okay To Stick With What Works

As I mentioned earlier, this show has introduced a bevy of mystical creatures to us over the past few seasons. Sure, it can be interesting to see what other possible ways Sookie could get killed, but the series is at its best when its dealing with vampires. That’s what the origin of the story was originally about anyway, so why not go with what works? I’m Team Vampire all the way!

5. Too Similar To The Vampire Diaries

You know I had to bring this up, right? I mean, the main plot surrounding TVD is the fact that Elena is a doppelgänger to the evil vampire Katherine. Though we’ve made comparisons about the two shows before, it doesn’t mean they should strive to be exactly identical. They’re both too good for that. Plus, I like my vampire shows like I like male suitors: different and completely unaware of the other’s existence.

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