‘True Blood’ Star Christopher Meloni Shows Off His Fangs — VIDEO

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There’s really no such thing as too much True Blood, so fans of the supernatural show will be happy to learn that more and more teasers are being revealed as the premiere date of season five draws near. But this isn’t just any TB teaser — it’s one that showcases the former Law & Order SVU star Christopher Meloni in all his vampire glory.

That’s right. He may have once been a dedicated member to the law enforcement in New York City, but these days he’d be more than capable of sucking every last one of us dry if the mood struck him. And while we’ve already gotten a glimpse of Meloni in a newly released True Blood pic, we get our first look at his sharp set of fangs in this latest poster and video clip.

If you recall, Meloni’s character is the extremely powerful (and ancient) vampire Roman — the guardian of the governing body for all vampires called the Vampire Authority. He’s also the mastermind behind the mainstreaming movement, which aimed to integrate vampires into human society. So all the vampire-human killings that have gone down over the past few seasons probably don’t sit too well with this high-powered vamp.

But the big question that remains is — what is he going to do about it? Before they killed her, Nan Flanagan was instructed to deliver the “true death” to Eric and Bill. Will Roman come to finish the job himself?

The poster copy doesn’t lie when it says that “everything is at stake.” And though I have no idea what this blood ritual is about in the snippet below, I’m (AB) positive that it’s going to effect our beloved characters in Bon Temps. Is it June 10 yet?

True Blood’s fifth season begins on Sunday, June 10 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on HBO.

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