‘True Detective’ Recap: Who Goes There

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This week’s episode of True Detective feels like a completely different series. The previously intense and conflicted dialogue was substituted with gunfights, knocks out and more. After the action packed hour, it was a little hard to switch gears.

The show picks up in Charlie Lange’s jail cell, where Hart and Cohle are questioning him about his previous cellmate Reggie Ledoux. Did Lange talk about his ex wife Dora to Ledoux? He did. Showed Ledoux sexually explicit Polaroids of his former wife and listened to Ledoux rant and rant. Ledoux said he was crazy, but he was too huge to disagree with or to tell to shut up.

As Hart and Cohle leave Ledoux asks, “You think because I talked with him about Dorrie that I might have got her killed?” Cohle reassures him gently: “It probably had something to do with it.”

They brief the squad on Ledoux: over 6 feet, multiple accounts of rape, including a 12-year-old girl. Hart follows up on a lead about a drug dealer who works with Ledoux, beats the s**t out of him to aquire the needed information. Ledoux is cooking drugs for the Iron Crusdaers, a biker gang Cohle worked with during his four-year undercover stint.

Cohle tells the modern-day interrogaters he took a leave of absence at the exact time they finally caught a break in the case. His father had leukemia so he had to fly to Alaska to help in his recovery. The detectives fact check his story and don’t see any trace of his father’s medical history, but they don’t have enough evidence to disprove him. 

The truth is that Cohle decided to go undercover again to get to Ledoux. This is the first lie we see, which makes us wonder what else he and Marty have been lying about. Cohle disguises himself as a drug user, steals cocaine from the Evidence room, and meets up with his contact from his undercover days. All he requires of Hart is backup. Cohle gives Hart his cell phone and says to just make sure it stays charged.

He meets his former contact at a local biker bar. The place is filled with slightly overweight strippers and massive men exchanging blows in the background. Cohle walks right in, heads to the secret spot, finds is target and spills his story. He’s been working with the Mexican cartel, and they’re looking to trade cocaine for meth. The contact will consider the offer, but he must participate in a robbery at a stash house. 

Cohle looking helpless agrees. They leave via a boat. Bound and beaten, a well-known drug dealer is locked up. Kidnapped so he could led them to the stash. They dress as cops and head into a dangerous part of town. They walk the drug dealer in the house with a gun to his head. The neighbors surround the house and the robbery goes horribly wrong.

Guns are fired, and the neighbors/drug dealers start breaking into the house. Chaos ensues: Cohle knocks out his contact (who looks surprised, though still high), calls Hart to arrange a meeting point. As they run through the neighborhood, shots explode around them, one dressed as a cop, the other, Cohle dressed as a biker. Police helicopters descend around the houses, the two jump fences, dodge bullets and somehow make it to the street at the EXACT moment Hart pulls up.

Stuffed In-between all of the action, Hart’s wife discovers his adultery. His now ex-girlfriend showed up at his home and told his wife, Maggie, everything. His bags are packed and his family is gone. Hart visits the hospital where she works. Things didn’t go well. He was forcibly removed by his partner.

When Cohle and Maggie meet, Cohle lamely attempts to stand up for Hart, whereupon Maggie says, “You must have been a great husband.” Cohle says nothing, stands up and leaves.

Cohle lied to Hart when he asked how the meeting went. Hart reassures him that Maggie is softening. 

No more slow motion for these detectives, this hour-long series has three more chances to finish this story. 

We’re on the edge of our seats.