‘True Detective’ Recap: Shots Fired and Time Zooms By

‘True Detective’ Recap: Shots Fired and Time Zooms By

True Detective

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We pick up en media res in the latest episode of True Detective, watching Cohle press forward with his Crash biker gang persona, which edges him and Hart closer to solving the murder that had been driving the series. Is the infamous Reggie Ledoux going to be taken down soon? That would sort of justify the detectives’ very illegal work the previous episode. And finally, the bizarre murder would be solved.

Things aren’t as they seem, especially with Cohle and Hart explaining how they solved the case. Ledoux is assumed to be the murderer so the duo tracks him and an associate down. An arrest isn’t made thanks to a rage-filled Hart blasting Ledoux in the head. Why? Hart made a terrible discovery: Ledoux had children held captive in his residence. Ledoux’s pal literally blows himself up by stepping on a mine he had left to prevent people from intruding. The detectives lie their way out of their murder by saying a shootout occurred and they fired in self-defense.

At this point True Detective skips a lot of time. Eventually, Hart’s wife takes him back, but one of his daughters — now a teenager — acts totally out of control for the conservative detective. Too guy crazy and edgy. On the other hand, Cohle’s life gets steady thanks to pairing up with a good woman, a doctor. What a catch.

Cohle becomes a champion detective, the kind of guy you call on to soothe a confession out of a criminal. As per usual, Cohle gets a confession from a pharmacy killer. But he gets a curveball: that supposed closed murder case isn’t really closed. The Yellow King, a clue first found in a journal from episodes past, is mentioned. How could this pharmacy killer who had just confessed to a double murder know of such a thing? This spooks Cohle; what’s really going on now? Is the murderer still out there?

That pharmacy killer ends up committing suicide in his jail cell. Detectives Gilbough and Papania finally reach their conclusion of their investigation. All of their questions and video recording of the present Hart and Cohle are hinting that Cohle could be the murderer after all. Maybe Cohle forced that killer to off himself. Cohle had been weird as hell from the beginning. They have pictures of Cohle near crime scenes. Eye witnesses have seen him and his truck five times in the last month.

The most damning evidence Gilbough and Papania present is that nobody had seen Cohle since 2002. He had been off the grid then reappeared eight years later. Is Cohle actually the mastermind behind all this? Nothing is for certain yet. But True Detective is getting close to whatever ending it is leaning toward. The interview portion of the show, at least the one that includes Cohle is finished. Cohle had always been an odd guy, it wouldn’t be a shock to find out he’s been up to no good. But the mystery continues. The case is not closed.