AMC Tackles the Revolutionary War in Spy Drama ‘Turn’

While AMC’s previous effort at an espionage thriller, Rubicon, clearly didn’t set the television world on fire, the network is seeking to jump into the spy game once again. But this time with shirts with more ruffles and nation-shattering secrets hidden under powdered wigs.

During the decidedly gruesome mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, AMC debuted the trailer for one of its upcoming shows, Turn, a series that sees the network exploring the early days of American espionage during the Revolutionary War. The series, which is based on the book Washington Spies by Alexander Rose, will follow the exploits of Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell), a young man who helps form The Culper Ring, a team of secret agents who help turn the tide of war in favor of American independence.


The first trailer is all too brief, but we do see some insight into the life of an American spy during the Revolutionary War, and that life seems to involve getting your face kicked in by Redcoats (which seems about right, historically). There’s also a ton of muskets being fired and some other quaint 18th century devices that make spying in this time period look terribly difficult and cumbersome, especially in this modern age of cloud computing and email. James Bond has it so easy these days.