Is This ‘Hemlock Grove’ Werewolf Transformation Scene TV’s Most Disgusting Moment?

When you hand the reins of a supernatural horror series to the infamously gory filmmaker Eli Roth (Hostel), you know you’re not getting a small-screen Twilight. In fact, Hemlock Grove even outshines True Blood when it comes to scenes that make you toss your cookies. We already showed you the broken fingernail, the Frankensister, and the chewed up entrails, but those premiere gems are nothing compared to the visual horror you see in episode 2, when Peter (Landon Liboiron) transforms into a werefolf.

Now, werewolves have been a supernatural staple for eons, but we’ve certainly never seen a “transition scene” as harrowingly fantastic as this one. Peter doesn’t just — “poof!” — magically turn into a beast, the beast pops out of him at an agonizing pace, causing his skin (and guts) to fall to the floor in clumps. Naturally, he eats it afterwards.

Is this TV (err, Netflix TV)’s most disgusting moment, ever? We’re not entirely sure — so click through our gallery of 18 other disgusting TV moments below, and cast your vote!

Credit: Netflix

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