TV News: Alba Gets ‘HDTV Honey’ Honor, Bonaduce Attempts Suicide on Reality TV Show, and More

Alba Gets ‘HDTV Honey’ Honor, Beating ‘Horrible’ Hatcher

Sin City star Jessica Alba has been rated the best-looking star on
high-definition TV (HDTV), while Teri Hatcher‘s sharper image has been branded
“horrible” in a new poll.

Alba, 24, received her ‘HDTV Honey’ in the annual Best & Worst of HDTV list,
posted on technology website

It monitors which celebrities look best when shown in the sharper HDTV

But Hatcher, 40, picked up the ‘HDTV Horrible’ tag from the site, which
claims, “[Her] forehead is covered with bulging veins.”

Bonaduce Attempts Suicide on Reality TV Show

Former Partridge Family star Danny Bonaduce won’t be watching Sunday night’s
episode of his harrowing reality TV show Breaking Bonaduce–because it features scenes of him attempting suicide.

The ginger-haired former child star is seen slashing his wrists in an attempt
to get his wife Gretchen to change her mind about leaving.

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Bonaduce allowed VH1 cameras into his home to document his efforts to beat alcohol and drug problems–and he had no idea he’d go so far as to attempt
suicide on the show.

On the episode, the TV star breaks down in tears, confesses he’s completely
lost control of his life and slashes his wrists.

Looking back on the harrowing episode, Bonaduce says, “I tried to make a
serious point. I’m Italian. I make big points.

“My wife said, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I want a divorce.’

“I said, ‘I can’t live without you.'”

Bonaduce then proved his point by slashing both his wrists with a disposable

He recalls, “The cops came to my house and said, ‘Is everything okay here?’ I
said, ‘I’m fine,’ but I looked like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre–I was covered in blood.”

After the incident, the police arrested the actor and detained him in a
psychiatric ward for 24 hours.

Bonaduce insists he now has better control of his life and his emotions:
“They say you have to hit rock bottom before you get better. Unfortunately, I
hit it on TV.”

Split Murray and Bush to Play Lovers

One Tree Hill stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush face the ultimate
challenge as actors in upcoming episodes of the show–the split couple have to
play lovers.

The pair split after just five months of marriage last month but are
now scripted to play on-screen lovers.

A set insider says, “That will be the real test of their acting abilities–being
professional and trying not to let this break between them affect their
work or careers.”

Alexis Arquette to Televise Sex Change Decision

David Arquette‘s drag queen brother Alexis plans to share his transition into
womanhood with the world, by filming his proposed sex change operation for a
new reality TV show.

Alexis, 46, has hatched plans to film the event–if he decides to go through
with it–for network A&E and package it together for a show called Alexis

A spokeswoman tells Star magazine, “A&E has exclusive access to
Alexis Arquette as he goes through the process to decide if he’ll have surgery.
That’s a decision he has not yet made.”

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