TV Rants & Raves: “The Simpsons” M.I.A.

The good, the bad and the ugly on the tube this past week:


FOX folds

All of you Simpsons and X-Files fans are going to have to wait another week to get your fall-premiere fix. Originally, FOX‘s Sunday-night lineup was to air Nov. 4–but since the Emmys (shown on CBS) are being held that night, FOX buckled, moving the debuts to Nov. 11. It may not sound like a bad move, initially, but considering NBC has refused to reschedule its landmark WWII miniseries event Uprising, which airs on Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, FOX certainly appears to be the coward in this season of unprecedented delays.


“Space Ghost” flies high…literally

Cartoon Network is taking its share of chances this season–and winning. Their new Adult Swim block of adult-oriented programming is spleen-bursting funny, and their trademark series Space Ghost has stepped up the pace recently as well. On the episode that aired Sunday, good ol’ Space Ghost and sidekick Zorak got amazingly high from a gas leak–Cheech and Chong high–and proceeded to berate guest star Busta Rhymes while learning carpentry. Spleen. Gone.


“Inside” out

After just a handful of episodes, NBC decided to bench the new “Must See” sitcom Inside Schwartz after ratings dropped off during the last two weeks. Seems a bit premature, considering two of Thursday night’s former NBC champs–Cheers and Seinfeld–received pitiful ratings their entire first year on the air.


Alexander the Great

Kudos to Jason Alexander. No, not for his work on his new ABC sitcom Bob Patterson, which is struggling big time. Instead, we applaud him for his appearance on Politically Incorrect on Tuesday, when he very honestly admitted how difficult his childhood was. “Kids used to call me a fag,” he told host Bill Maher on the usually light-hearted show. “Not because they thought I wanted to have sex with them, but because they wanted to be mean to me.”


“Undeclared” makes the grade

FOX‘s new comedy Undeclared has been picked up for several new episodes, and FOX is the better for it. The show is hands down one of the best new series–comedy or drama–of the season. Sure, maybe the Emmy-night thing was a bad call on FOX‘s part, but the renewal of Undeclared makes up for it.