TV Roundup: A ‘Will & Grace’ Star on ‘Parks and Rec,’ Second Season for ‘The Glee Project’

Sean HayesParks and Recreation is getting all kinds of big name help this season. First, we heard Louis C.K. would return to stake his claim on Leslie’s heart; then we found out that lovable actor Paul Rudd would stop by to play Leslie Knope’s political rival; and now, we’ll find former Will & Grace star Sean Hayes as a “the Matt Lauer of Indianapolis.” He lands a big interview with Leslie, but just like everything in her campaign we’re sure to see this go awry. Hayes guestspot is slated for a Spring episode of Parks and Rec. -TVline

The Tonys officially have a home: they’ll air on CBS on Sunday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. There’s still no host for the awards show, but how much do want to bet CBS will enlist How I Met Your Mother’s secret weapon, Neil Patrick Harris, once again. He sure was itching to get up and dance at the People’s Choice Awards… -Deadline

Oxygen found a sensation with Ryan Murphy’s cast-member hunting reality series, The Glee Project. Since we’ve started watching enjoying Season One’s winner, Damian McGinty, the fate of the second season of the show that discovered him has been on our minds. We can now rest assured, because there will be a Season Two. Though auditions for the competition began in September, the series wasn’t picked up because the grand prize depends on a fourth season pickup for Fox’s Glee. There’s still no pick up order, but unless the viewership suddenly drops down to a handful of cats left in living room with the TV on. -Deadline

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