TV’s Best Bitchfaces


ALTThere are plenty of villains on TV, people who want to do awful things to good people, but there are only so many bitches. What separates the two? The bitchface, of course. Yes, it is the silent glare that is a combination of disdain, aggression, and malevolent intent that only the most accomplished actors can summon up on cue. Delivered effectively, it can decimate any opponent and show the audience that this person is not only mean, but vicious.

Right now the most accomplished bitch face belongs to the Botox-hardened mask of Revenge‘s Victoria Grayson. Madeleine Stowe doesn’t need to say a word to telegraph what is going on in that rich lady’s mind, and it is never good (well, it’s always good, it’s just never nice). Sure, we usually associate this with women, but there are a few men on the list, too. That is called equality, people. And when it comes to being a total jerk, that is something both sexes can accomplish.