TV’s Most Infuriating Third Wheels

Caroline and Nick on New GirlAs Fall TV starts back up, we’ll be reminded just how many of our beloved, could-be couples aren’t quite in a blissful, happy bubble just yet. And in most cases, it’s not because there’s a continent wedged between them or some Breaking Bad-level drug war a-raging. That would be understandable. No, the most infuriating road block is not some supernatural happening. It’s when everyone is just fine and dandy, safely on the ground, with another pesky unbearable human barring the relationship’s happy genesis.

This season, we’ll witness the aftermath of expert third wheel Amanda with her pregnant belly on Revenge. And over on New Girl, both Cece and Jess are getting foils to their Schmidt and Nick couplings, respectively. It’s a whole mess of romantic roadblocks this Fall, but we should be used to it by now. Take a walk down rage-memory lane and maybe it’ll jog your memory of past coping mechanisms. Either that or you’re going to spend your lunch break taking an anger-power-walk.

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