TV’s “Philly” judged wanting in Philly

ABC’s new Steven Bochco legal drama Philly, starring Kim Delaney, is receiving little brotherly love from critics in its namesake city. Philadelphia Daily News TV writer Ellen Gray remarks: “Just because someone’s finally named a TV show for our town is no reason to think Philly is about us.”

She notes that although scenes of Philadelphia are featured in the show and producers have taken care to reconstruct the corridors and courtrooms in Philadelphia City Hall, “what’s happening inside those faux-marble hallways is strictly Hollywood.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer showed the premiere episode to two local judges, who threw the book at it. One called it “insulting,” another, “unrealistic.” Prominent Philadelphia attorney Jules Epstein dismissed it as “absurd.” And an ex-assistant D.A. remarked: “I’ve loved Bochco shows … but this show is unwatchable.”