15 TV Shows We’re Looking Forward To in 2015

New Year’s resolution: Watch more TV. And with a slew of hotly anticipated new shows as well as a crop of returning favorites, that shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill. Start marking your calendars and picking that perfect spot on the couch in preparation for the fabulous TV that awaits you in 2015.

1. Better Call Saul


For those of you who have been in major withdrawals since Breaking Bad ended, rejoice! The prequel spin-off series starring fan favorite Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) premieres on AMC in February. Maybe there’ll be a cameo or two by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston? Pretty please?

2. House of Cards


In the third season of this Netflix series (premiering in February), Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) plots to take over the world! Ok, we don’t know that for sure, but it seems a likely possiblity for the power hungry politician. Either way, we can’t wait to see what he does next.

3. Game of Thrones


Season five is going to be Arya Stark’s time to shine, we just know it. The HBO fantasy series returns later this year (likely around April) and is sure to be filled with more weddings and deaths or combinations of the two.

4. Orphan Black


This cult favorite returns to BBCA in April and we can’t wait to see the clone club multiply! If Tatiana Maslany is not nominated for an Emmy this year, we give up on life.

5. Outlander


The first half of the season ended way too soon and we’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for more episodes ever since. The Scottish time-travel drama starts airing its second half on Starz on April 4. Don’t act like you haven’t been crossing off the calendar days until Jamie and Claire return.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


A new show from Tina Fey…starring The Office’s Ellie Kemper…coming straight to Netflix. Count us in and let the binge watching commence! It’s set to premiere in spring, so our excitement will be building until then.

7. Bloodline


It’s a Netflix thriller-drama starring Friday Night LightsKyle Chandler. Say no more. The mysterious show about a family with secrets hits Netflix in March.

8. Pretty Little Liars


We still don’t know who ‘A’ is, and we’re still dying to find out. Here’s hoping season 5’s January 6 winter premiere gives us some answers.

9. Downton Abbey


This season of the British period drama promises to be its most progressive season yet. They are deep into the roaring 20’s after all. The times can change, just as long as Lady Grantham’s sass stays the same. Season 5 premieres on PBS January 4.

10. Agent Carter


Hayley Atwell is set to reprise her role as Agent Peggy Carter from the Captain America movies in this new ABC series. It debuts on January 6 and if you’re a Marvel fan, you’re probably geeking out.

11. Empire


We’re intrigued by this Fox drama about a prominent hip-hop family. It was produced by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong (who previously collaborated together on The Butler), and stars former Hustle & Flow co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

12. Mad Men


It’s Mad Men’s final season and we’re all waiting to see how things end for Don Draper. We secretly hope Peggy and Joan start their own business together.

13. Parks & Recreation


Not going to lie, when the final season of Parks & Recreation ends this year, we’ll be weeping openly. We’ll miss Leslie Knope & Co. so much, but we’re going to savor the show’s last hurrah – which premieres on NBC January 13.

14. Daredevil


Daredevil has been in need of a reboot since the Ben Affleck played the superhero in the 2003 flop of the same name. Now Charlie Cox takes on the role in a new Netflix series set to premiere in May. Fingers crossed for better results.

15. Girls


Since the last season of Girls ended, we read Lena Dunham’s book to tide us over. The HBO comedy/drama returns for a fourth season on January 11 and we’re ready to see what shenanigans Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna get up to this season. Will they finally start to grow up? Not likely.

What shows are YOU looking forward to? Let us know!