TV Shows That Made You Want to Change Your Career

Scrubs, Zach BraffNBC

Even though sitcom characters experience an improbable amount of unlikely embarrassments and conflicts, aren’t you sometimes envious that, at the end of the day, all is forgiven and forgotten? Sitcom characters seem to lead rosy, happy lives that can be devoted to small, fleeting conflicts, rather than any long term career goals. They all have amazing jobs, which seem fun, mostly stress-free, and leave them with lots of free time. Here are some of the most enviable TV jobs that make us wish we could change our careers. 

Scrubs makes you want to be a doctor. 
J.D.’s  medical world is full of friendship and practical jokes.

Sex and the City makes you want to be a writer. 
How does Carrie’s column, which entails going out to clubs at night and lounging around in lingerie on her laptop all day, count as a career? I don’t know, but I want it. 

Gilmore Girls makes you want to run an inn.
Though Lorelei occasionally encounters difficulties, her job at the Dragonfly Inn seems to consist primarily of spewing clever one-liners and tasting Sookie’s pastries. 

Full House makes you want to be a talk-show host. 
Danny Tanner seems to have a lot of fun at his job, and he has tons of time to be an awesome dad. 

Parks and Recreation makes you want to be a civil servant. 
Even though Leslie’s is a hard-working, thankless job, it seems like everyone else has plenty of time to goof off.

Friends  makes you want to be whatever they all are. 
Whatever they’re doing (sometimes paleontology, sometimes cooking), it sure doesn’t seem very taxing. 

Spongebob makes you want to be a fast food worker. 
Spongebob’s love of the Krabby Patty ensures that he has a lot of job satisfaction.