TV Shows We Feel Totally Left Out Of

CommunityEveryone is always going on about Community. Oh, isn’t Community good! Community should be a movie! Don’t cancel Community. Did you hear that Chevy Chase is going to leave Community? Ugh, I don’t really care. I’ve never watched an episode of Community and something about its rabid fans makes me never want to watch it. I just want to skip it altogether and tune out all the internet chatter until it goes away forever.But Community isn’t the only show that we feel left out of. Here’s a list from the staff of shows that we never watched, and aren’t that interested in seeing.

Next: : The testosterone induced Sex and the City clone never appealed to me. I gave it a shot once or twice, but there wasn’t a single thing about it that I liked. Little did I realize that I would be condemning myself to loneliness for the better part of a decade. All of my friends loved Entourage. They’d watch together on Sunday nights and then talk about it through the week, ranking the aesthetic appeal of Vince’s latest girlfriend, or celebrating Ari Gold’s most recent bout of misanthropy, or something about Aquaman. I couldn’t have been happier when the show finally came to an end — after seven years, I could be around my friends again. (They’re a lot taller now). But if they make that movie, I swear I’ll lose it. —Michael Arbeiter

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