TV STUFF: Cher’s Fashion Emergency

Pop icon Cher is returning to her roots. Her TV roots, anyway. The “Sonny and Cher” co-host turned Oscar winner for “Moonstruck” turned Grammy winner for “Believe” is going to executive produce a TV pilot called “Fashion Emergency,” Daily Variety reported today.

The pilot is based on “Style Challenge,” a U.K. show Cher saw, liked and bought the rights to. “Style Challenge” features two guests who receive fashion makeovers from a crew of style specialists.

The show could be rolled out in 2001 in syndication, and although development includes a search for a host, Cher might make special appearances if the project goes forward.

DUNST WANTS ‘SEX’: “Bring It On” star Kirsten Dunst is ready for some “Sex.” The 18-year-old “Virgin Suicides” actress plans to make a guest appearance on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” the award-winning series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kirstin Davis, sometime next season.

Dunst said she was first asked to guest star on the series during a shoot last month in Los Angeles, but her shooting schedule for Disney’s “At Seventeen” filled up her time.

Representatives for Dunst told EW Online that the actress is eager to find a free space in her work schedule for “Sex” next year.