TV STUFF: Kathie Lee Speaks!

Let it be known that Kathie Lee Gifford has gotten over her old gig.

At least, that’s what ABC’s “The View” finds out during Gifford’s appearance on the morning talker, according to a report in the New York Post.

On the show, cohost Star Jones asked the erstwhile talkshow host turned full-time singer how she feels about being banned from “Live with Regis” last fall to promote her new CD.

And though Kathie Lee might not have been cool with that, she is way bigger than that.

“Well, you know what? The only power I have is over my own choices and the way I act and the way I respond to things,” said Gifford on the show. “And why other people do the things they do that might seem mean spirited, or cruel, or vicious, or petty or whatever it is in life I can’t control. So I just give it up. I give it up and go on.”

Plus, she’s got her health to think about.

“And you know what? That’s the only way you can be otherwise you become malignant yourself. And I don’t want to have cancer.”

More specifically:

“Whether it’s physical cancer or emotional cancer. I don’t want to be sick.”

And now you know.

MAKING PERFECT: Fans of “The Practice” can rejoice, for ABC has picked up the Emmy Award-winning legal drama for three more seasons, extending its contract through the year 2004.

Word is that ABC will be paying $5 million to $7 million per episode under the new terms, a sizable jump from the $1.6 million the network is currently paying for the series starring Dylan McDermott, Lara Flynn Boyle and Camryn Manheim.

BOOTED! “Temptation Island” isn’t that irresistible after all.

Despite promising ratings, a Fox television affiliate in North Carolina has booted the reality series off its rotation after learning that one of the couples on the show has a child, Reuters reports.

“WRAZ will not support a program that could potentially break up the parents of a young child,” Tommy Schenck, the general manager of WRAZ, said in a statement.

News of the couple’s parental status was confirmed last week by Fox. The network also stated that the pair — known as Ytossie and Taheed on the show — have been kicked off the show due to their child.