TV STUFF: More ‘Survivor’

TV STUFF: More ‘Survivor’

If you think “Survivor: The Australian Outback” would end the madness that is the CBS reality series franchise, think again.

CBS Television President Leslie Moonves made the announcement Tuesday during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif., that “Survivor” executive producer Mark Burnett will return to make “Survivor 3” and “Survivor 4.”

As usual, nothing is known about the third and forth installments of the reality series that has made Richard Hatch a household name, but two things are certain: 1) work begins immediately on No. 3, with Burnett and his crews scouting all over the globe for where it will take place, and 2) “Survivor 3” is scheduled to bow as soon as this fall.

Stay tuned.

‘Dharma & Greg’ ‘DHARMA’ KARMA: “Dharma & Greg” might be heading toward splitsville, and we’re not talking about the odd couple played by Thomas Gibson and Jenna Elfman.

Daily Variety is reporting that renewal of the ABC romantic sitcom might run into some rough water as the network and 20th Century Fox TV — the show’s producer — hit the negotiation table in the upcoming months.

The problem is (what else?) money. While Fox wants ABC to pay $3 million per episode for the show, the network — which currently shells out more than $900,000 per show — only wants to pay $1.5 million.

Once again, stay tuned.

NO KIDS ALLOWED! So much for family values.

The Fox Network admitted Tuesday that a couple featured on its spanking new reality series “Temptation Island” was booted off the show after producers discovered that the two had (gasp!) a child together, Variety says.

The exact identity of the couple was not disclosed, however, and sources told the trade that the couple’s secret is exposed on camera at some point during the show’s six-episode run.

“On all checks, this couple never revealed having a child together,” the network said in a statement. “As soon as the producers learned of the existence of the couple’s child, they notified the network, and the decision was made to immediately remove them from further participation in the program.”

“Temptation Island” — which debuts today on the network — has come under attack from all sides. The show’s premise is to see if four couples — unmarried but committed — would cheat on each other once they’re deposited on a tropical island with 26 (13 males, 13 females) nubile hotties as baits.

Great television, indeed.

And stay tuned.