TV STUFF: MTV Cancels ‘Loveline’

The four-year love affair is over. Daily Variety reports today that MTV has canceled the late-night series “Loveline” after a four-year run.

MTV gave no reason for deciding not to renew the advice show for another 15 episodes.

“Loveline,” hosted by Adam Corolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Catherine McCord, has accumulated 369 half-hours since its MTV debut in November 1996.

THE $10 MILLION MAN: Recent Emmy winner James Gandolfini has signed a renegotiated contract that will give him $10 million for the next two seasons of the HBO hit drama “The Sopranos,” Variety says. The deal signed last week is said to include future obligations as actor and producer in television series for “Sopranos” partners Brad Gray Television and HBO.

UPN’S CASE OF ‘RAGE:’ UPN has picked up six hours of the reality series “Road Rage,” a mix of demolition derby and wrestling, from Mandalay Sports Entertainment and Scott Sternberg Prods., Variety says. “Rage” is being prepared for midseason and might air on Fridays.

MAMET AND MORROW ON THE BEAT: Playwright David Mamet and TV veterans Rod Holcomb and Tom Fontana are joining forces to develop a drama series for CBS and Artists Television Group, Variety reports. The show, tentatively titled “Bradford,” would star Rob Morrow as a big city police officer who returns to his small hometown.

NBC SAYS NO TO SPIELBERG: The Hollywood Reporter says today that NBC has decided not to pick up Steven Spielberg’s boot camp drama “Semper Fi” as a midseason replacement. DreamWorks Television has sent tapes to CBS and Fox, and if neither network picks up the show, NBC would air the pilot as a television movie.

KINISON BIOPIC IN THE WORKS: Universal Pictures is in talks to acquire feature film rights to late comedian Sam Kinison’s life story and a biography about him published in 1994, the Reporter says. “Brother Sam: The Short, Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison” follows Kinison’s life from high school dropout to his successful career as a profane, screaming comic. Kinison was 38 when he was killed in a head-on collision with a drunken driver in 1992.