TV STUFF: No-Fail ‘Fail Safe’

So much for those of you who tuned in hoping Noah Wyle would fall down or launch a nuclear missile or something. Sunday’s live broadcast of “Fail Safe” on CBS went off without a hitch — unlike the military gameplan depicted in the two-hour drama. Wyle co-starred in the Cold War period piece (presented in old-school black and white) along with Richard Dreyfuss and producer George Clooney.

Overnight ratings estimates show that “Fail Safe” helped CBS win Sunday, even if the thing couldn’t win its own time slot. It averaged an 11.1 rating — which is OK, but not as strong as ABC’s 9-11 p.m. lineup of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and “The Practice.”

“AGAIN” AGAIN: The divorced folks on “Once and Again” will have at least one more year in which to unload their misery on us. ABC has picked up the freshman drama series, starring Sela Ward, for a second season. Also getting official renewal slips: “The Practice” and “NYPD Blue.” Over at NBC, the oh-so-cute “Will & Grace” was awarded a two-year pick-up.