TV STUFF: ‘NYPD Blue’ Star Turns in Badge

Andrea Thompson is a TV star, but what she really wants to be is a local TV news reporter. In Albuquerque. Yes, we know. Not even local TV news reporters in Albuquerque want to be local TV news reporters in Albuquerque.

But don’t tell that to Andrea Thompson, who will depart ABC’s “NYPD Blue” at the end of this season to move to Albuquerque and become a local news anchor there.


As Thompson told the new TV Guide: “I’ve always been a news junkie.”

The actress — whose age is variously reported as 38 or 40 — also apparently wants to spend more time with her son. She debuted as Detective Jill Kirkendall on “Blue” in 1996.

AND NOW YOU KNOW: Primetime TV “is going down a moral sewer!” This word just in from the Parents Television Council, the conservative watchdog group that, in a just-released study, says incidents of “course language” and “sexual content” nearly tripled on the tube from 1989 to 1999. There appears to be no correlation between the decline of civilization and the rise of “Saved By the Bell,” which debuted in 1989.

PLAN AHEAD, AVOID THE RUSH TO THE COUCH: ABC hit comedy “Dharma & Greg” is set to debut in convenient syndicated-rerun form in fall 2002.