TV STUFF: Regis Philbin Mood Update

It’s on your mind. It’s consuming your thoughts. You want to know: How is Regis feeling? Well, according to today’s Daily Variety, he’s feeling … unhappy.

Yes, the Reegster is said to be bummed that ABC is planning to produce (and air) new episodes of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” through August. (If the vacation-challenged Regis is bummed, imagine how we feel.)

In any case, we put in the requisite call to ABC for comment. Haven’t heard anything back. We put in a call to Regis‘ agent and were told to put our question in writing and fax it over.

Like we have time for that.


RICK SCHRODER LIVES … DOESN’T HE? ABC has renewed butt-baring cop show “NYPD Blue” for an eighth butt-baring season, today’s Hollywood Reporter says. A spokesman for the show, however, said the renewal wasn’t a done deal.

ROBIN GIVENS ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT LIVE: The ax has fallen on the syndicated touchy-feely talk show “Forgive or Forget” starring Robin Givens. New episodes will continue to run through May, so be sure to stock up for the long, cold winter ahead.

VAST WASTELAND THIS: “The Sopranos” (HBO), “The West Wing” (NBC) and ABC’s new musical version of “Annie” are among the winners of the 59th Annual Peabody Awards, honoring TV that’s actually supposed to be not-so bad.

UNFORTUNATELY, SHE DIDN’T MAKE IT AFTER ALL: Mary Tyler Moore, something of a TV legend before she tarnished her rep with failed show (“Mary”) after failed show (“The Mary Tyler Moore Hour”) after failed show (“Mary” – again) after failed show (“Annie Maguire”) after failed show (“New York News”), is threatening to do it again — starring in a new sitcom pilot (“Good as Gold”) for CBS. We’d describe the plot, but why bother?