TV STUFF: ‘Sabrina’ Pulls a Trick

It’s official: “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” has given the broomstick to ABC. The kid-friendly sitcom, starring Melissa Joan Hart, is bolting the alphabet for the kid-friendly climes of the WB, it was confirmed Wednesday.

The actually kinda-watchable “Sabrina” premiered on ABC in 1996. It leaves on its own terms — and then some. Producers got a two-year deal from the WB. ABC was said to be “on the fence” about bringing the show back for a fifth season. The WB “Sabrina” is expected to air where the ABC “Sabrina” aired — on Friday nights.

A FUN TIME TO BE HAD BY ALL: The off-Broadway hit “Wit,” about a terminally ill doctor in the last stages of her terminal illness, will get the TV movie treatment via HBO, Emma Thompson and Mike Nichols. Nichols will direct it, Thompson will star in it and HBO will air it. Shooting is scheduled to begin in September.